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As student-athlete scholarship costs and the overall cost of providing the best possible UCLA student-athlete experience continue to rise, UCLA Athletics would not be a leader in the NCAA without the support of each and every Wooden Athletic Fund member. Here is how your support of the Wooden Athletic Fund positively impacts nearly 700 student-athletes at UCLA.

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Student-Athlete Experience!

Here is how your support of the Wooden Athletic Fund positively enhances the student-athlete experience for nearly 700 student-athletes at UCLA.

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6.6 Million

Nutrition and Athletic Performance

  • 18 Full -Time Staff, Student- Athlete Meals, Nutrition Station
  • $1,000 covers snacks for one student-athlete for an academic year
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4.3 Million

Sports Medicine and Wellness

  • 21 Full-Time Staff, Mental Health, Medical Expenses
  • $30,000 covers therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation equipment
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2.2 Million

Academic Support & Development

  • 50 Full-Time Tutors and Operating Costs
  • $6,500 covers books for one student-athlete per academic year
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6.6 Million

Student-Athlete Services

  • 11 Full-Time Staff, Operating Costs
  • $15,000 covers costs for student-athlete career development programming for one athletic team
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Approximate Additional Investment Above Cost of Attendance in the Student-Athlete Experience for All UCLA Student-Athletes.

This Cost Doesn't Include Any Game, Travel, Facility, Equipment Staff Expenses


Annual Cost of Attendance

Tuition, Room, Board and Books and Fees


576 Scholarship Recipients

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What Is the Impact Of

Wooden Athletic
Fund Support?

The revenue from Wooden Athletic Fund contributions makes a critical impact on the following areas:

Student- Athlete Scholarships

Athletic Training & nutrtion

Academic Support Services


Coaching Compensation & Retention

Total Scholarship Cost for UCLA Athletics

UCLA Athletics pays UCLA for 100% of in-State and out-of-state scholarship costs, including tuition, room, board, and fees for each scholarship student-athlete who competes for UCLA.

By the Numbers:


UCLA student-athlete graduation rate


Estimated 2023-24 Scholarship cost for UCLA Athletics


UCLA ranking among U.S. Public Institutions by US News & World Report


Amount of UCLA Athletics” annual revenue that comes from Donations
(Wooden Athletic Fund, individual sports, endowment income)


Number of Scholarships provided to UCLA student-athletes