Four Deep Scholarship Endowment and Program Endowment



Student-athletes deserve a lot of credit. It takes exceptional discipline to balance daily practices, games away from home, keeping up studies, and graduating. I believe it's very important to help these young people, to steer them in the right direction.

— Bob Wilson

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The FOREVER CHAMPIONS initiative seeks to build upon the strong foundation of perpetual resources provided by the original investors of the Four Deep Scholarship Endowment Campaign. Chaired by UCLA graduate Bob Wilson, the Four Deep initiative was created in 1988, and originally sought to endow four scholarships at each position for UCLA Football. Due to the success of the Four Deep initiative it was subsequently expanded to include all UCLA scholarship athletes. It is for this reason and the need to fully fund in true dollars all NCAA maximum allowable scholarships that additional participation is sought, thus providing an endowed, sustainable scholarship program.

By creating a Four Deep Scholarship Endowment or a Program Endowment you will forever link your name to a championship tradition, while making a direct impact on future generations of UCLA student-athletes. The foundation is strong. Ensure the future by becoming part of the FOREVER CHAMPIONS MOVEMENT.

endowment growth last year through new contributions

UCLA: $3,015,412

rising annual scholarship cost for ucla student-athletes:






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Did You Know?

Scholarship Endowment contributors at the $125,000 level now earn lifetime Wooden Athletic Fund credit allowing access to priority tickets, parking and special events.

How Endowments Work

An endowed gift supplies the UCLA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics with a perpetual source of income that provides the resources needed to attract, develop, and retain the nation's most talented student-athletes and coaches. Endowments are long-term investment accounts that require a minimum balance. The principal is invested, and earned income is distributed in accordance with the guidelines agreed upon by the donor, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the UCLA Foundation.



8% OR $40,000

Estimated Annual Investment Return

5% OR $25,000

Available Annually to Fulfill Donor Intent

3% OR $15,000

Retained Annually to Grow Fund Principal




The UCLA Foundation's spending policy governs the rate at which funds are released to fund holders for current spending. The Foundation's spending policy is based on a target rate set as a percentage of a rolling market value. The Board of Directors of The UCLA Foundation reviews and approves the rate annually. For more information visit

Assets of The UCLA Foundation are managed by the UCLA Investment Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The UCLA Foundation. For more information, please visit

Four Deep

Scholarship Endowments

Attracting talented student-athletes to UCLA is critical in order to build and sustain world class athletics programs. Nothing is more essential in attracting the best student-athletes than access to financial aid. Scholarship endowments are necessary to address the dramatically increasing cost of higher education. This program allows you to create an everlasting endowment, directed to the sport of your choice, to support the educational and athletic experience of UCLA student-athletes for years to come while enjoying exclusive, lifetime benefits from the athletic department through the Wooden Athletic Fund.

Scholarship endowments provide restricted support for student-athlete financial aid. Four endowment options are listed below. All scholarship endowment gifts may be paid over a five-year period.

Pyramid level endowment


Champion level endowment


Leadership level endowment


Visionary level endowment


Every scholarship endowment donor will be paired with a UCLA student-athlete each academic year. The donor will receive updates each year from the student-athlete and will have the opportunity to attend an annual social and dinner with the student-athlete. Additionally, each scholarship endowment donor will have their name displayed on a plaque in the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame and in the football and men's basketball game programs.

four deep scholarship endowment benefits


Joe and Josephine Bruin have been lifelong fans of UCLA Athletics and are currently Wooden Athletic Fund members at the Bruin Legends level ($12,500). In an effort to FOREVER link their name with the championship tradition of UCLA Women's Basketball, and support generations of student-athletes, they have committed to funding a scholarship endowment gift of $250,000 to create the JOE AND JOSEPHINE BRUIN WOMEN'S BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP. They plan to pay their endowment gift over a five-year period, and when fully funded, Joe and Josephine will begin earning $12,500 annual credit toward their future Wooden Athletic Fund annual contribution.


Years 1-5



Years 6+


Impact Generations of Champions

Access to priority tickets and parking

Access to special events with UCLA coaches and student-athletes


Coaches spend more time with UCLA student-athletes than any other member of the UCLA family, providing invaluable lessons in becoming champions in the classroom, in competition and in the community. Program endowments supplement sport specific budgets and provide well deserved, and much needed, support to the men and women leading our student-athletes.

Program endowments provide sport specific operational support at the discretion of the head coach, with Athletic Director oversight. All endowment gifts may be paid over a five-year period.





Every program endowment contributor is an integral part of the team, and will receive several communications from coaches and athletic department staff throughout the year. Program endowment contributors will qualify for a variety of sport specific benefits and will have opportunities to attend social events with coaches on an annual basis. Additionally, each program endowment donor will have their name displayed on a plaque in the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame.



Creates the Joe and Josephine Bruin Head Women's Soccer Coaching Position

Generates $50,000 in annual support for Women's Soccer