• open panel


To realize our ambitious Centennial Campaign goal, it is imperative that we engage and recruit campaign volunteers who are leaders in the community, who are committed philanthropically, who can help us generate substantial momentum during the campaign, and finally, who will facilitate outreach and assist UCLA Athletics in building strategic relationships.

We are proud to present our UCLA Athletics’ Centennial Campaign Leadership Committee as we embark on this extraordinary challenge that will forever positively shape UCLA Athletics.

Ms. Shelly Carlin, Chicago

Mr. Jim Collins, Los Angeles

Mr. David Dollinger, Woodside

Mr. Terry Donahue, Newport Beach

Mr. Jim Ford, Pacific Palisades

Mr. Greg Geiser, Manhattan Beach

Mr. Scott Graves, Pacific Palisades

Mr. Mac Hofeditz, Tiburon

Mr. Rafer Johnson, Sherman Oaks

Mr. Todd Katz, Beverly Hills

Mr. John Mapes, Los Angeles

Mr. Jeff Moorad, La Jolla

Mr. Matt Pauley, Pacific Palisades

Mr. Casey Wasserman, Beverly Hills

Mr. Bob Wilson, Los Angeles

Mr. Chuck Winner, Beverly Hills